Our Story

We are Outskirt Safaris, a luxury safari company founded out of a passion for the people, extraordinary landscape and wildlife of Africa.

Our humble beginnings started when one of the directors, Robert, was volunteering in the judicial system of Uganda where he met Patrick.


Patrick had been a safari guide for over ten years and took Robert on an unforgettable journey through Uganda. Robert fell in love with the people and wildlife of the country and knew he wanted to share his experience with others.

At the end of Robert's volunteer program, he invited his friend and co-worker, Travis, to visit Uganda. The two work together at a police department where Robert is a 911 dispatcher, and Travis serves as an officer. They went on a 10-day safari led by Patrick, during which all three decided to open a safari company to share Uganda with as many people as possible! 

Through a passion for sharing their adventures, the trio worked to establish a company that provides safe and luxurious experiences while including cultural immersion opportunities in Uganda. This process brings an honest, ethical, and reliable approach to a safari in Uganda! 

At the core of who we are and what we believe in is our team spirit. At Outskirt Safaris, we believe in providing an unforgettable experience. We ensure everyone is equipped with the tools necessary for success. Team members are always carefully selected to ensure your time in Uganda is filled with a lifetime of memories!

We're ready for you...are you ready for Africa? 

What if we created a Luxury Safari Company founded out of a passion for the people? 

Outskirt Safaris was born out of a passion and belief that we could do safaris better.....This process brings an honest, ethical, and reliable approach to a safari in Uganda!


Co-Founder & Director of USA Operations

Robert is Co-Founder and Director of Operations for our Outskirt Safaris Team in the United States. While Robert is located in the United States, he lived in Uganda for some time while volunteering for the judiciary--this is when he ultimately fell in love with the country. 


Robert travels back and forth to Uganda often, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in planning safaris throughout the country. While he loves viewing animals in their natural habitat, his real passion is for the incredible culture that exists throughout Uganda. Robert is active in Rotary International, and involved in non-profits throughout Uganda focused on world peace. He has donated thousands of hours to organizations promoting youth leadership development and is excited to continue his work through Outskirt Safaris! Robert's favorite animal is the giraffe--which can be seen at several of the national parks around Uganda! 


Robert loves learning Luganda and is excited to help plan your trip to Uganda--The Pearl of Africa! 

Travis is the Co-Founder and Director of Marketing for the Outskirt Safaris team located in the United States. Travis travels back and forth to Uganda often and around the world promoting the incredible opportunities related to tourism in Uganda. Travis loves sharing with prospective visitors about his experiences traveling through Uganda, and about his favorite animal which is the chimpanzee!


Although Travis loves the wildlife and landscapes of Uganda, his true enjoyment lies in the heart of the local villages spending time with children and learning the local language. Travis first went to Uganda to visit Co-Founder Robert while he was there volunteering, resulting in a love for the people and culture.  When Travis is not out promoting the "Pearl of Africa," he can be seen working in law enforcement  and with non-profits focused on homelessness. 

Travis can't wait to share about some of the exciting things you can do while touring in Uganda! 


Co-Founder & Director of  Marketing/USA Operations 

Ssebunya Patrick

Co-Founder & Director of Uganda Operations

Patrick is the Director of Operations for our team in Uganda and has been a safari guide in Uganda for more than 10 years!  Patrick is passionate about showing visitors around the "Pearl of Africa," and has been to every national park in Uganda!  Of the many animals he has seen, his favorite is the Shoebill Stork. Patrick has spent much of his career working in the Judiciary for the government, and has worked with several non-profit organizations and leaders in their work throughout the country. Patrick oversees all of the adventure guides and office staff in their mission of providing a superior customer experience for our visitors! 

When Patrick is not on a safari, he spends time at home with his wife and their 4 children. Patrick is excited to welcome you and your family to Uganda! 

Custom Safaris & Unforgettable Memories! 


Our Team


Learn more about some of our incredible staff in Uganda and around the world dedicated to providing you with the ultimate safari experience! Our team is excited to welcome you to the Pearl of Africa! 


Our Commitment


We know you have many options when it comes to planning your dream vacation. Check out what truly makes Outskirt Safaris the leader of the pack! We are committed to providing you the ultimate experience--learn more by clicking on the link below! 


Luxury Lodging Options 

Uganda has some of the most incredible luxury options in East Africa. Each lodge is unique and provides the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful country! Click below to check out photos of some of the many lodging options in Uganda!