As Africa's leading safari tour company, Outskirt Safaris is dedicated to providing nature lovers with an experience to last a lifetime in the beautiful African Savannah.


Along with our fully customized tours, we provide the highest quality guides in Africa. 

Our team of tour guides are rigorously trained, and perhaps more importantly, they are highly knowledgeable of the landscape to be explored.  You are also never disconnected from home, as Wi-Fi is available in the vehicle as you share the breathtaking images you have captured.


Every guest is treated as VIP while they immerse themselves in the air and spirit of the beautiful safari backdrop.  Your trip to the African Savannah does not need to be a challenge.  Allow Outskirt Safaris to treat you to an exotic viewing of Uganda!   


At Outskirt Safaris, we are committed to providing a luxurious travel experience for customers - all without compromising your safety in the slightest.

While you take in the sights, be rest assured, your safety and welfare have been carefully thought out and catered to.  Customer safety takes precedence because we want your safari experience to be one for the ages.

Encounter the diversity of wildlife in a safe, secure environment with our strict safety protocols.  Your journey through the unspoiled natural beauty of Uganda - viewing its wildlife and marveling at the landscape - should be done without apprehension.  It is this peace of mind we continuously strive to provide at Outskirt Safaris.

As a sign of our enduring commitment to keeping you, as a tourist, safe, we are active members of the Association of Uganda Tour Operators, Uganda Tourism Board, and our guides are highly qualified and trained members of the Uganda Safari Guides Association.



Outskirt Safaris firmly believes that the only way to protect the future of African wildlife is to build networks of preservation today.


When you join us for this dynamic adventure, a portion of the proceeds go to the surrounding villages to ensure access to food, water, medicines, and all of the other tools needed to create success while protecting the wildlife that makes our country and continent a premier destination.


You will help us create new employment options, fund schools, and create life-changing opportunities with every adventure you take.