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A Luxury Safari in Uganda – The Trip of a Lifetime

Uganda is a country in East Africa, famous for its striking beauty, unique wildlife and sprawling national parks. More than 350 species of mammals inhabit Uganda’s pristine reserves. On a luxury safari in Uganda you can explore some of the most beautiful places in the world – and meet the rarest animals. Whether it’s the Uganda gorilla trekking, a traditional safari, a rhino trek in Uganda, or even white water rafting on the Nile, the memories of this vacation will last for a lifetime. There are so many options for a luxury safari in Uganda, how do you choose what’s right for you? Let’s look at Uganda’s most famous national parks and popular safari adventures, and help you narrow down your choices.

What Kind of a Uganda Luxury Safari Should You Chose?

Uganda is a biodiverse country and a traveler to this exotic land can pick from a variety of safari and trek options. Many people choose to combine several different experiences into one vacation. Your Uganda luxury tour operator can help you create a completely customized itinerary to cover everything you want to see on your trip. Additionally, they will advise you on the best time of the year to travel, make hotel arrangements, secure all the park passes and take care of a myriad of other details in preparation of your luxury Uganda safari.

Perhaps the most famous thing to do in Uganda is the Gorilla Trek, a journey into the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – and into another world. Another popular option is the traditional safari in Uganda. On the safari you’ll have an opportunity to observe the big five – the lion, the elephant, buffalo, leopard, and rhinoceros. A third rare and exciting option is a Uganda Rhino Trek. On this journey you will follow experienced rangers into the heart of Rhino country and discover the beautiful and rare beast face to face. And finally, perhaps the most adventurous option is the white water rafting in Jinja – where the Nile river meets Lake Victoria. Let’s take a look at the Uganda luxury safari options in more detail.

Uganda Luxury Gorilla Trekking

The trek into the Bwindi Impenetrable National Forest sounds intimidating – for a good reason. One of the last places in the world where you can see the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat, the forest is wild, mystical – and extraordinary. On this Uganda gorilla luxury trek all the mundane details will be taken care of by your tour operator. '

After your morning briefing, begin your trek through the thick jungle behind your leader guide. Here, far away from cell towers and the distractions of the modern world, you can focus on your trek, and be at one with the wildest of nature. As you get closer to the gorilla habitat, anticipation builds and you and your companions grow quiet, straining for the tell tale sounds of the great apes. It might take hours to find them – or you might stumble upon the gorillas almost right away. There is no way to know, because, like all wild animals they are unpredictable. Taking all the necessary precautions not to disturb them, you will finally get to observe, face to face, some of our closest living relatives. The silverback in charge, the young mothers caring for their babies with universal gestures. The strong, haughty teenagers, so confident in their dominance, and of course the adorable babies, all eyes and bellies. Memories, sure to last for a lifetime.

Uganda Luxury Safari – The Quest for the Big 5

The traditional African safari – the search for the Big 5 - is another popular Uganda luxury safari option. On this safari adventure you’ll have a chance to explore world famous national parks, such as the Kidepo National Park, one of Africa’s top parks according to CNN. On your quest, you’ll scour the reserve for the five famous game animals - the lion, the elephant, the buffalo, the leopard, and the rhinoceros. Along the way you’ll have a chance to observe countless giraffe, gazelle, zebra and other grazers. If you are lucky you may even come upon a hunting cheetah or feeding jackal, a mother fox and who knows what else – it’s all in the days adventure. During this luxurious safari you’ll ride in a high-end four-wheel drive vehicle along with a professional guide and naturalist. In your vehicle you’ll enjoy the open roof, perfect for a closer look at the animals or to take great pictures. At night you’ll lounge in one of the area’s highly rated luxury eco lodges. At the lodge, after a long day you’ll enjoy a hearty fare or fine cuisine, with a view of the endless African plain.

A Luxury Boat Cruise down the Nile River in Uganda

Many people think of the Nile as a river in Egypt – but its shores extend far beyond Northern Africa and all the way to Lake Victoria, in Uganda. Exploring the Nile is an extraordinary adventure and one worth doing on your own luxury safari. While visiting the Murchison Falls National Park, you can explore the Nile and enjoy a land safari all in just a few days.

Within the confines of this famous park, you can take a river cruise and view famous water animals like the hippopotamus and the crocodile. The hippo may look slow, but they move fast when they want to. Close relative of the whale, they are bigger than you might imagine but they blend in with the environment – so keep your eyes peeled. The giant crocodiles are on the prowl here too, always on the lookout for their next meal.

Although the Nile in Uganda is a great place for a luxury cruise, it is less than ideal for a swim. When the time of the year is right, you can view animals on the great migration cross the murky and dangerous Nile waters. To help time your trip with the great migration, be sure to contact your Ugandan luxury tour operator. Inside the park you’ll also find the famous Murchison Falls – one of the largest waterfalls in the world and a sight to behold. At night, stay at the luxurious Paraa Lodge, and watch the sun set over the Nile.

Exploring Kibale National Park on Foot

If you love to hike, consider another popular activity at the Kibale National Park – Chimpanzee Trekking. Chimps are our cousins – even closer than the gorillas – we share 99% of our DNA with chimps. And while on a trek to find these animals in their natural habitat, you’ll get to enjoy extraordinary views. On your way you’ll encounter crystal blue crater lakes, home to countless birds. The jungle is dense here, but the trek rewards you with extraordinary vistas and stunning scenes. Afterwards, enjoy a luxurious night at the Papaya Lake Lodge, perched on an edge of a clear crater lake.

Rhino Trekking in Uganda

Rhinos are some of the rarest animals in the world, but there is one place in Uganda that is home to 15 southern white rhinos. Here, at the Ziwa Rhino and Wildlife Sactuary you can spend the day observing these rare animals in their natural habitat. A highly protected area located in proximity to the Murchison Falls, you may wish to schedule a rhino trek on the way to Murchison Falls National Park. During your day you’ll follow a local ranger in a small group, through the reserve in search of the great Rhino. You’ll have a chance to observe them and have lunch on premises. A day spent Rhino trekking is an extraordinary addition to the Uganda luxury safari adventure.

White Water Rafting in Jinja, Uganda

Although much of the Nile isn’t suitable for swimming (crocodiles are famously territorial), there is one area of the Nile where folks happily get into the water. The class five rapids in Jinja, Uganda is the area where the river Nile meets Lake Victoria – and a luxurious African safari turns into a heart pumping adrenaline fueled adventure. Guided by an expert team familiar with the water, you will set out on your journey and attempt to stay upright – no easy task on these raging rapids. After you spend 4 to 5 hours on the river, finish your day off with a delicious lunch and a leisurely boat ride on Lake Victoria.

Choose a tour operator for YOU and YOUR needs!

With so many amazing options available, it can be hard to pick the ideal Uganda luxury safari itinerary for your family. The unique ecology of Uganda means exploring the country can take you from the safari plains to the dense jungle, to raging rapids – and beyond. It is the job of a highly qualified luxury tour operator to help narrow down your options, advise you on the best time to travel and suggest places to stay based on your unique needs and interests. There is so much to know about planning a safari in Uganda. A custom designed itinerary can help you get the most out of your time and money.

A great tour operator will take care of every little detail so that you can relax and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime in a beautiful East African country called Uganda.


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